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Yellowstone Badger: A Citizen Naturalist Project

The Naturalists Behind Yellowstone Badger: A Citizen Naturalist Project

Jim Halfpenny, PhD, Project Leader

Jim is president of A Naturalist's World, a Gardiner based environmental education and research organization. Jim's interests include carnivores and their biology and ecology. To study carnivores Jim specializes in techniques including footprint tracking and winter studies to locate and document rare species across North America. A Naturalist's World maintains the most extensive forensics footprint collection (plaster and image) in the world. See and

Leo Leckie, Research Associate

Leo is a reporter / writer for Yellowstone Reports. He is also a Mammoth Park Store sales associate for the Yellowstone Association. He left 25 years of higher education administration in 2010 to come to Yellowstone National Park, and has been here ever since. A life-long student of the naturalist world, Leo has been attending the dynamic classroom that is the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for over two decades. His teachers and mentors are the myriad animate and inanimate species and forms who share their stories, insights and secrets daily.

Bonnie Quinn, Research Associate

Bonnie is the field campus manager at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch for the Yellowstone Association Institute. After a couple of years as a volunteer, Bonnie became the manager and has served in that capacity for ten summer and winter seasons. During summer seasons Bonnie is instrumental in the collection of badger reports. All citizen scientists are encouraged to report badger sightings at the classroom building (bunkhouse) at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch.

Jim Halfpenny: Yellowstone Badger: A Citizen Naturalist Project
Jim Halfpenny

Leo Leckie: Yellowstone Badger: A Citizen Naturalist Project
Leo Leckie