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Yellowstone Badger: A Citizen Naturalist Project

Yellowstone's Badgers

Study Area

While we are interested in badgers anywhere in Yellowstone National Park, the main study area consists of both the Upper and lower Lamar Valleys from the confluence of the Yellowstone and Lamar Rivers at the western end to the area just east of Soda Butte Cone and including the side road to Slough Creek Campground (see map). This area occupies about 79 mi2.

The Viewscape

The Yellowstone badger Project has defined a "Viewscape" including a half kilometer area along each side of the road: thus one kilometer wide. The Viewscape occupies 19 mi2 or 24% of the total area (see map). The Viewscape provides an area where repeated yearly observations may provide a sample area to record badger numbers and long-term population trends.

Map showing the distribution of unique badger sightings in the Lamar Valley study area.

Map showing the long-term "Viewscape" of badger sightings in the study area.