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Reporter: Max Waugh  (Max's web site)
Date taken: 06-11-2014
Date posted: 06-20-2014
Caption: Badger at sett with two kits
Notes: This badger dug a sett right next to the road that leads to the Slough Creek campground. The sett was located about 200 yards beyond the open metal gate at the bottom of the first hill as you drive down the road (from the main road), on the east side of the road. Based on reports, the adults seemed to be most active around the den earlier in the morning (7-7:30am), sometimes bringing back food following short hunting excursions. She would then venture out for longer periods, sometimes four or five hours before finally returning at midday or early afternoon. When the adult first returned on this day, she was very wet, leading me to wonder if she swam the creek (I've heard of this happening at Slough Creek before).