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Reporter: Kevin Taylor
Date taken: 05-30-2015
Date posted: 07-25-2015
Caption: Badger kit
Notes: The kit was seen within a large clump of sage brush just on the east side of the entrance road to Roosevelt Lodge (opposite the entrance to the restrooms). The kit would stand on its hind feet most of the time but would occasionally duck down into the entrance of the den if we moved around much in our attempts to get better photos. Unfortunately, the photos we have don't show very well the light tan and white stripes on the head and face that this kit had. Later we heard on the scanner that an adult badger had been run over by a tourist in the gas station parking lot to the west of where the kit was observed. We hoped it wasn't one of this kit's parents but suspected it was (the radio call was from a ranger asking where to dispose of the carcass of the dead badger).