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Reporter: Daniel Braff
Date taken: 05-25-2015
Date posted: 07-30-2015
Caption: badgers playing and digging near Specimen Ridge Trail
Notes: I watched 3 badgers just off of Specimen Ridge Trail for over an hour. They were playing and digging, and did not seem disturbed by my presence. In fact, at one point the mother laid on her side at the entrance of the den and slept while the kits ran around the grass around me. The kits were quite large so I assume they are last years kits. One kit was very curious about my camera. Eventually the mother and kits went back into the den. They did not appear to be hunting. For a significant portion of the time only one kit (the curious one) was outside of the den while the mother and other kit were inside the den. A bald eagle began circling the den while the lone kit was outside, and eventually the kit went back into the den to join the other two. Please see photos for colors and other details.