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Reporter: Steve Robinson
Date taken: 07-23-2015
Date posted: 08-03-2015
Caption: Coyote & badger near Beauty Pool
Notes: Came back through the area 15 minutes later hoping to see the badger again. did not see the badger or coyote behind Giant geyser. Did find the coyote by the boardwalk past Chromatic & Beauty Pools. The coyote was about 10 yards away from the boardwalk. The coyote moved farther down the boardwalk & crossed to the other side. The Coyote seemed to be looking past us so for a while we thought the badger was behind us on the hill. The Coyote kept staring in that direction so we moved down the boardwalk a ways to make sure the coyote wasn't watching us. We spotted something under the boardwalk near where we were stand, it was the badger.We mover farther down the boardwalk to give the badger a lot more room. The coyote circled back to the other side of the boardwalk. After a while the badger came out, looked around a bit then headed off towards the river with the coyote following a couple of minutes later.