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Reporter: Dave Egan
Date taken: 04-28-2016
Date posted: 05-02-2016
Caption: Within 100' of road
Notes: The badger was just snooping around, nose to the ground, when it spotted me. It then tried to hide in a burrow hole, but immediately popped its head up -- I stayed at a distance of approximately 70-100 feet. It came out of its hiding place within a minute and lay flat on its belly, facing me, gaze fixed on me, and remained stationery. I backed away and removed myself from its line of sight. It then ambled approximately 50 feet away and when I went back to my original position, the badger again froze, this time in a standing position, facing me, and did not take its sight off me. It did not move again until I once again retreated, this time for good.