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Reporter: Veronica Wald  (Veronica's web site)
Date taken: 06-11-2013
Date posted: 04-29-2014
Caption: Ground squirrel pup ejected from den in response to badger excavating nearby
Notes: The badger was vigorously excavating a hole in the grass very close to the side of Slough Creek Road when suddenly 3 mouse-sized, very young (eyes still closed) ground squirrel pups were ejected from a tiny hole in the road perhaps 6 or 8 feet from the badger. We never saw the parent squirrel, who remained in the hole, perhaps to defend the burrow from the impending arrival of the badger via the larger hole at the side of the road. This was in June 11, 2013, however, Bob Landis was standing there taking video so it might be worth contacting him to see if he can share it. My photos of the badger are uninformative.